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I signed up to use hoping to learn how to use it especially how to automatically backup my files on the local disck and also to backup my sites to amazon but i have totally failed. I have tried several times while amazon charging me for the server per hr until i stopped it. 


I want to start providing online backup service to my customers but have failed to learn how to use it.


Is there any way to get help?


Hope to hear from you soon


Thank you


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I'm a beginner myself - but have had some success with using amazon and turnkey.

Maybe it would be a good idea to explain EXACTLY what you are trying to do, 

What are you trying to backup - local files to an amazon ec2, or servers files

What sites are you using (what software etc etc)



Give as much detail as possible and I am sure someone will be able to point you in the right direction.

Adrian Black

(Teacher - e-learning designer - ex I.T)

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  1. Yes, the $20/m is a monthly plan. After that you only pay Amazon's regular usage fees. After you sign up for a TurnKey Hub account, on the page that describes the different plans every item is a link you can click on for more information.

  2. We've tried to make backing up a server with TKLBAM about as easy as it gets:


    That's it! There's a lot of good documentation on the website regarding TKLBAM which you probably want to check out. Click on Help in the top navigation and see the Frequently Asked Questions and the Community documentation.

  3. We haven't done anything special to enable reselling services based on the Hub. I guess if you manage the service for your customers you can resell anything though...

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If you wish to test different appliances without the cost you just need to download the relevant format and install to a local VM. Then when testing backup you will only pay the S3 charges associated with the amount of data that is being backed up. Obviously the disadvantage of this is that the upload will take a while if you have a lot of data to backup.

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