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Just wanted to see what experience folks have had running the Trac or Redmine applicance?

Any pro's and con's and get a feel for what would be eaiser to transition to for a small team.   Right now we are using local Git repositories but would like to get transition to somehting , still git, a bit more robust.



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I've used and implemented Trac and Redmine extensively on multiple projects.  

The biggest single reason to use Redmine would be if you need nimble multi-project support.  Redmine is easier to support from an IT perspective for this reason alone.  However, Trac is better at day to day usability.  Scrubbing bugs and tickets is far easier in Trac.

If I were running a single project and that's all it would be I would recommend Trac.  If you have multiple source repositories, and multiple projects that you want to split apart, use Redmine.

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