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I received a request to package Phreedom as a TurnKey appliance for the upcoming release, and was interested if anyone has evaluted or used phreedom?

Phreedom is the base platform for the PhreeSoft business tool kit. Its core modules track inventory, accounting, contracts, manage shipping and more. Phreedom is the customizable solution for business needs.

Anyone have feedback, thoughts?

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And I think it looks interesting.

I signed into the demo to have a look about and it seems pretty straightforward and intuative to use (although I didn't play much - just browsed). Apparently the demo has all the main (free?) plugins included.

I hadn't heard of it before but IMO it fills a gap in the TKL line-up, so if you guys have time and energy I think it would be a good candidate for inclusion.

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Didn't think much of the interface. It was fairly simple to navigate and had a bunch of features but looked a bit cartoonish and not professional. It was also missing a scheduling system as far as I could see.

I have been developing a highly configurable business management tool that may get commercialised and consequently have had alot to do with user interfaces. This one to me does not cut the mustard, however if it is actively developed it may well start to prove its salt.

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