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Stable Redmine version 2 is out and stable and its dificult do upgrade from 1.4 version.

Any plans to update to latest version?

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But I'm not sure. In the meantime if you search the forums you will find a number of threads that discuss updating Redmine (although all for v1.x from what I can see). Have a play (obviously not on your production server - perhaps a clean install of the Redmine appliance in a VM) and see if you can get something working. If you document your findings as you go, then you'll be able to share by posting back.

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Mario ... I have the upgrade scripts. I'll be posting them to my site soon. It was too difficult after you've done it a few times. I getting them uploaded and add an update to this post.

Jedmeister ...  Is there an appliance to have the whole patch system installed.  I seem to be pretty good getting redmine and chilproject installed and working well with Turnkey.  I read some of the stuff but haven't be able to figure how to use it and I ready want to contribute.  I not that great at linux but working on it.

I really think I can contribute and if you check my history I have given some helpful scripts.

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apt-get update && apt-get install tklpatch

And if you look at the structure of a patch (you can create an example patch - or pull apart one that someone else has made) they are basically just a bash script (the conf file) with facility to also include config files (and/or other stuff like database dumps, 3rd party debs, etc).

Originally I uploaded my bundled patches to forum threads, but more recently I have been using GitHub to host my patches and found that pretty cool because you can then easily tweak/update without having to worry about packaging and reuploading. Although you can also do both.

So if you produce a patch for something just start yourself a fresh thread (in general) and add at least the 'tklpatch' tag (so it's easy to find) although it may be useful to add other relevant tags.

And don't worry about not being a Linux pro. I certainly wasn't when I started (and still don't think that I am). The best way to learn is by getting your hands dirty. Look forward to seeing more of your work! :)

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