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We are currently using the Wordpress appliance for our company and we are looking for some software to help us manage our trucking fleet.  We have 10+ trucks and trailers (the trailers are dropped at sites and picked up when full) and we need someway to track locations of drops, status of DOT inspections, on-ste inspections, when licenses ned to be paid, etc.

Does anyone know of a opensource appliance here that could be customized for this or know of any other I could try to install on a turnkey base to do this?  We have non-techie people (such as our truck drivers) using this software so I'm looking to stay with Turnkey if at all possible.

Thanks for your help!

Reggie Grassfield
MCBIA Electronic Recyling

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But Google turned up a few ideas that may be worth further exploration. I think they are server side type software (that could be installed on a TKL base) but I'm not totally sure. I can't recommend any of them as I haven't used any of them and they're in no particullar order.

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You could use an add-on for a CMS like Joomla.

I found "Vehicle Manager" for Joomla, maybe this is somthing that suits your needs.