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Hi Guys,

Do you know if TKLBAM work with Ubuntu 12.04. I recovered most package with Ubuntu 12.04 (e.g. confconsole). But I am not sure if Ubuntu 12.04 works with TKLBAM.

Also, current Turnkey 12 does not work with Mac Mini 2010 or 2011 version. Previous Ubuntu-based turnkey works fine.


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But technically Ubuntu 12.04 is not supported (TKL v11.x is based on Ubuntu 10.04, TKL v12.x is based on Debian 6). If you add the TKL repo to your sources.list then it should install ok.

But you will need to 'trick' TKLBAM into thinking that your Ubuntu 12.04 system actually is TKL. If you search the forums (or perhaps comments on one of the TKLBAM announcement blog posts) you should be able to find how to do that (IIRC therre were comments pretty much spelling it out in relation to using TKLBAM with PostgreSQL before it was officially supported - you will need to tweak the instructions but it should work...).

As for running it on Mac Mini I suggest you do a bit of research around running Debian 6.0/Squeeze on the Mac (that's the basis of the v12.0 TKL appliances - not based on Ubuntu any more). My quick googling suggested that it should work but without knowing anything about the hardware and your particular config it's hard to say...)

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Ubuntu 12.04 can install on Mac Mini 2011 version without any boot problem. After I installed latest Turnkey image based on Debian, I got a big folder question mark. I have no idea how to debug this issue.


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But I just had a google and there seems to be plenty of info online. I suggest that you spend some time having a bit of read of the info that's available and try a few things. If you're still stuck, then perhaps try the Debain forums...

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hopeless here.


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Your google searches?
Your attempts to follow tutorials on how to install Debian to your MacMini?
Repeated attempts trying to install TKL v12.0?

It's hard to try to help you when you make general comments like that...

Just in case you're referring to trouble finding anything relevant via Google try these (found with a search for "install debain 6 Mac Mini 2010"):


And I'm sure that there's plenty more...

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Hi Jeremy,

Thanks, but it does not work. I tried. It seems that only Ubuntu can do that properly. I only want Linux on MacMini. It seems that Turnkey can not do that anymore, quite disappointed. I am sure lots of old Turnkey users will have similar trouble with EFI hardware.

Thanks again. I gave up on Turnkey completely now. I guess I need to find something to replace TKLBAM on Ubuntu 12.04.1


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Personally I just think that you're not trying hard enough! :p

But generally proprietry hardware is definately an issue. That's main reason why Apple will never get any of my money (nor any of the other hardware manufacturers that don't allow UEFI to be disabled in BIOS). For all the good things Apple have done, it doesn't matter to me how sexy the Apple hardware is nor any other good argument for using Apple products. While they treat their customers like that and make it hard for people to use the hardware that they own in the way they want I could never be positive about them. To me it is inexcusable!

Obviously Ubuntu (being primarily a desktop distro) have decided to put work into making it relatively easy to install on propriety hardware, which they do... Debian being more targetted at geeks and servers obviously don't think that the payoff (of making it easier for Apple owners) is worth the effort... I guess they could piggyback off whatever it is that Ubuntu do, but for whatever reason they choose not to.

Whilst it is obviously a pain for you, I think the majority of TKL users will appreciate the added security and stability of Debian above Ubuntu (even if they don't realise it).

BTW did you try posting in the Debian forums to see if you could get a kind soul over there to help you? Because, from my research it is definately doable. If I had some Apple hardware I'd be happy to try and resolve this with you, but unfortunately (for you) I don't. To ease the way for others in the future it may be useful if you documented what your hardware is exactly and links to tutorials that you tried. At least then others would know what doesn't work...

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As you would no doubt be aware, the new appliances are all Debian 6 based and Liraz (one of the core devs) said:

We realize this may upset hardcore Ubuntu fans but if you read on, I'll try to explain below why "defecting" to Debian was the right thing for TurnKey.

Read the full explanation towards the end of the v12 announcement blog post (under the heading "Ubuntu vs Debian: the heart says Ubuntu, but the brains says Debian"). Bottom line is that the decision wasn't taken lightly, but I agree that it was the best choice considering the current environment.

Another advantage (although I'm not sure if devs will take advantage of this) is that as Debian testing is at least as stable (and usually more so) than Ubuntu betas, the devs could release relatively stable beta appliances (based on the next version of Debian).

But I know that 64 bit appliances are on the devs todo list. Because there are only 2 core devs, the maintenance overheads already huge when you consider that there are over 100 appliances x 7 different image formats (over 700 appliances to maintain!) Once you add 64 bit formats (x2 = 1400) then consider what would be required to also develop for Ubuntu (x2 again = 2800!!) it becomes almost unmanagable...

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