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I Love TKL - The community, support, ideology everything


Apart from the billing - We are down over $300 for AWS changes that we can't seem to get any refund of respnse to -   Amazin just send emails saying it's over to TKL -    we keep cancelled the $20 plan only for it to reappear on the next moinths stateent and bill us again


Can anyone explain the arbitration / billing support process 

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I know nothing about how Amazon do things and can't really shine any light onto your concerns. But contacted the TKL devs directly is probably your best bet.

You can contact Alon and Liraz (TKL core devs) via their emails ( - probably best to send to both of them) or probably better still via the Hub (look for the blue Feedback button on the left hand side when you are logged in). If you do it via the Hub then they will be able to see the your AWS account and the relevant details.

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Alon dealt with this really quickly - thanks - I reslly appreciate it  -  really great customer service


Amazon should learn from TKL!

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