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I have data in a MySQL appliance and would like to migrate it to a Rails appliance.  Can I use TKLBAM to backup and then restore onto the Rails appliance?

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Although assuming that it is just the DB you wish to migrate you could force it to just restore the files (check the TKLBAM docs for how to do that).

The other way that you could go is just do a DB dump (from the commandline or phpMyAdmin) on your MySQL appliance then import it into your Rails appliance (again either by commandline or phpMyAdmin - assuming the Rails appliance has phpMyAdmin).

Obviously to be on the safe side ensure that your Rails data is backed up (and that it restores ok) before you do anything. Perhaps the best way to go is test on a local VM first by installing Rails, restoring your Rails backup, then overwrite it with your MySQL backup and test that the process works as expected prior to do it on your production server.

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