Autoreply SMS from database

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I am trying to create an application which will send a reply back once a customer (registered user) sends a a question to the system. The application will select the correct answers (based on keywords) from a database and send it back in SMS to the customer’s mobile phone. For example I will use Microsoft SQL Express as the database server. I found a software, OzekiSMS Gateway that can handle SMS receiving and sending. The database connection is the question. How should I organize the data in the database? Is this the best way as they recommend? (


For example:

> select * from autoreplymessage;

id          keyword                        msg

----------  ------------------------------ -------------------------------------

 1          default                        There is no data for this keyword.

 2          red                            Red is a good color.

 3          blue                           Blue is not the best option.


Please share with me your suggestions.




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