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Having a very hard time posingt some seemingly innocent info -I get barred with SPAM trigger... what's wrong ?


even the captcha seems broken (or too complex for me):

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Glad to hear it has worked for you.  It seems the best route also (though the OpenSourcer is similar).

On my side most things seem intact but I can't activate the actual Web Config.  I will check my Firewall next..  seems every "how to" wants to use different ports.  The seeming variation (and inconsistency of how to "control)" the OpenERP system seems odd as well.

On Posting here:

I believe the Captcha/SPAM comes from Refresing a previously posted page (but not sure).

I've run into that before as well.  Start a Reply in a new place , be sure the Preview and the Submit buttons are upheld.

Keep us updated.  Will try to post less on my side.

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TKLPaTCH does not transfer data but it can do a good job of transfering a setup.

If you want to give it a spin we could find a way to test it.  Jeremy is better in the "how to's" on such things though.

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Sorry for the inconvenience. We have to use a somewhat insane array of defenses to block out spam. Unfortunately some legitimate posting get blocked as well but looking at the logs this doesn't seem to happen very often. Thankfully.

Hmmm. Try to avoid including any links when you post. Also could you provide more details on what spam defense you ran into? I'm going to guess mollom. False positives are a drag.

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I am again suffering from false positive.

How do I know what triggered the spam filter and how do I get arround it ? This is really agravating :(

Forum issue

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Often links are the thing that is most likely to trigger it. Although it is hard to know for sure...

We have discussed looking at some way of 'trusted' accounts bypassing the spam filters but it looks like that will have to wait until we do our website refresh (and who knows when that will be...). So in the meantime we'll need to just trying to keep tweaking the spam countermeasures that we can...

Worst case scenario, if you start a thread with the bare minimum and email the content to me I can copy/paste it in... (jeremy at

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thanks - I eventually managed to post... I am working with (literally) dozens of websites and this is by all means the only one creating so much trouble.. Anyway keep the good work


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I saw and replied to your other post! :)

It's a real pain but we get hit so hard by spam and it's a constant juggle to minimise the amount of spam but make it as easy as possible for users such as yourself to post...

Our spam defences currently block over 300 spam posts per week but a few still get though...

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