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Is there a way to update the PHP version on the LAMP appliance to 5.3.21?  I searched and found alot of old references to possibly needing to link in some Ubuntu repositories.  Just wondering if that is still the case.  

(I know all the caveats of possible breaking things if I do this, just curious.)

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If 5.4.4 is useful you could install from Wheezy.

Note that TKL v12 has PHP v5.3.3 and AFAIK there isn't a (mainstream official) repo that supplies (prebuilt) 5.3.21...

Otherwise you'll need to compile from source. If you have a specific need for version 5.3.21 then that may be your only option, but it's not one I'd recommend unless you really have to...

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Since there isnt an easy way, forget it.  I dont feel like trying to recompile for source and things.  Appreciate the response.

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