TurnKey Linux Virtual Appliance Library

Machine with ispconfig, zpanel, virtualmin, etc?

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It is possible to create a machine that contains a hosting manager that integrates ispconfig eg, zpanel, Virtualmin?
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Yes it is...

But I doubt that the core TKL devs will take it up anytime soon. They are busy working on the v12.1 release as well as planning and testing for the v13.0 release. They also have a huge backlog of appliance requests to fulfill before they start adding anything new.

So if you want to see this go ahead as an appliance then you'll need to make a start yourself (and/or rope someone else in). A great start would be to install all this yourself and carefully document the install process, that can then be transformed into a TKLPatch. Once we are to that stage it can be created as a community appliance (available for download at least as an ISO via the TKL Community SourceForge page - which seriously needs updating and cleaning up...).

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  Thank you very much for


Thank you very much for the reply, there is a manual which continue to create a virtual machine as they have here (asks to install new user data, password, database, etc.).
I create an amazon ec2 installation of ispconfig with ubuntu, you might try something.
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Unfortunately not...

But there is quite a bit of documentation about TKLPatch. Also there are a number of TKLPatches floating about here on the forums. I suggest that you have a look at some of the existing patches for ideas on how to do things. Also the existing TKL first boot scripts can be a useful template for doing different things (like setting user passwords etc).

I would recommend that you use TKL Core (or one of the other TKL appliances) as your starting point and carefully document all the steps involved in installing all the different software you want, then build the patch from there (in essence a TKLPatch is an install script along with facility to provide 'overlay' files).

Any specific questions please feel free to ask - although I won't guarantee I'll be able to answer them! :)

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Thanks very much for

Thanks very much for answering email.


will review the examples and apply it to see if I get something nice.
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I think it is in the documentation already, but IMO the best way to find previously released community patches is via the 'tklpatch' forum tag (http://www.turnkeylinux.org/forum/tags/tklpatch).

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