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Hi All,

I'm confused about the TKL fees and would like some help understanding the basic idea of the them and what they're for. Is the basic idea that I need to maintain a TKL membership (plan) as long as I ever have a TKL appliance running in the AWS cloud? Or does it relate to only deploying these instances?

For example, I have three micro instances running currently, the third of which I deployed from a snapshot directly from AWS console. I have been paying my $20 per month for the last year or so (if my understanding of all the fees AWS charges me is correct). So my basic questions are;

1) Do I need to continue paying that fee, even if I never log into the TKL hub again and manage my instances and snapshots directly from Amazon?

2) If I stop paying the fee, will my instances on amazon 'break'? 2b) Will the security updates continue?

3) If I stop paying the TKL fee through amazon, what stops me from creating a new instance of a TKL appliance directly through the AWS snapshot interface?

Regardless of the answers to the above questions, what is the spirit of the fee? Is it for initial deployment or for continued use?



EDIT BY RICK: Actually, maybe I did use the TKL hub to deploy my last intance rather than AWS, I can't remember, but the questions remain :o)

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(I.e. I'm not sure what you could actually get away with...) But the spirit of the fees is that it is for use of TKL on AWS. The Hub makes it simpler to deploy and manage but AFAIK the fees are not specifically for the Hub usage... In fact I think it is the other way around, that the Hub is an added bonus for those that choose to use TKL on AWS (and financially contribute to TKL)...

The fees are a way for TKL to be ongoing and sustainable. It pays for the website and the TKL repo to be maintained and covers costs on other things that TKL provides which cost them money (like users using TKLBAM with small number/volume of backups). But ultimately it provides some income for the devs to allow them to continue to provide TKL development at a capacity that keeps it relevant and useful...

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Is TKL branching out? :)

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Although it could just be because it's early morining and my head is still fuzzy! :)

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Sorry jeremy, I was referring to that weird spam post in this thread earlier. Looks like someone deleted it. Something about a rare art auction. The first spam-like thing I've seen in these forums. Feel free to delete this whole conversation today as if it never happened :)

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Right all good. It wasn't just me then! :)

We actually get quite a lot of spam (I guess because TKL ranks so highly on Google searches), just they're no match for human spam remover(s)! :) I do most of it, but Alon and Liraz sometimes beat me to it.

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