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Why no Joomla 3 appliance yet? Search returns only 1.5 or 2.5.

Any chance that you add one and when?

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3.2 is now stable

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Likely an easy upgrade path is available.  Anyone try that?  I don't thing Joomla is part of the TKL  packages for nightly updates but not sure.  If not it should be able to simply overwrite the Joomla Directory with 3.2.

Also it is pretty easy to do a Lamp install of Joomla.  That said a full application would be nice.  I may be back soon on this.

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We'll bump up the version of the TurnKey Joomla appliance next major release. In the meanwhile, if anyone wants to take a shot at rolling their own via TKLDev, we'll support that effort.

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