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Just like me, they are a lot of Laravel developer hoping to see Laravel 4 appliances under web development section. Do you have any plan to develop the applicance in the near future?

If not, how can we help you to make it happend?

Lavel requirement

1. Apache or Nginx web server

2. PHP 5.3.7 or greater.



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You can see what is under development on the TKL Dev Tracker(on GitHub). A quick search on the appliance Candidate Wiki shows that laravel doesn't get a mention...

So as a start you could mention it there (or post some more details and i can repost it).

If you'd like to take further then you have a few options, although I suggest that you consider developing a prototype using TKLDev. Source for existing appliances can be found here (to get a feel for how the existing appliances are built).

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