Hello All,

i have found my mistake and this can be closed. Thanks



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Chances are if you had this issue perhaps someone else will encounter it too, so your mistake (and solution) might save someone else the hassle of having to troubleshoot it themselves...! :)

my mistake was with intial setup, (an being overally tired).  first problem was i immediately launched web browser and went to work, (so i skipped the whole initialization scripts that were suppse to run on first on launch, the second mistake i made was assign it the wrg ip info,subnet more specific. i then walked away came back and launched the console for the vm and releazied oh hey, look at that they did setup nice little config portion, so everything i did manually and googling how to do, i was able to do in a matter of minutes.  But however it did afford a great oppurtunity to learn terminal commands, and allowed to develop some handy bookmarks for future ref.


So the take from it all was launch terminal first, run through the config tool. Oh one other issue when i was increasing my upload max size in php.ini, i added "B" to it and caused the whole service not to load.

What I did was 128MB, what is correct 128M


now the only thing im trying is setting up a DLNA portion so my ps3 an dvd player can access the same files.


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