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I would like to see OpenERP be created into a TurnKey install container. I spoke to their rep at length on the wisdom and merit of having TurnKey package up their install so that we mere mortals could install it and having it running in minutes (all thanks be to you Turnkey folks)! Several have recommended this package as being the long sought after "Quicken Killer", which we sorely need in the Linux domain.

Have they contacted you all yet? I did make a plea directly to them on your behalf.


:) Ric

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Hi Ric,

I have a very good running build for myself.  I started a Branch off of GitHub from Postres but I don't really understand yet how to proceed.

Pretty simple to build a system (I say in retrospect).  Cool addons available also.

Let me know if you can help w/ TKLDEV. 

Thanks,  Landis

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