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For starters,  what does it administer?   What is it used for?   Without actually going into the Administration page (which I cannot do yet),   where can I read about it?     Does this page apply to other Turnkey Systems,  or is this specific to Turnkey Django?

It obviously accesses the "django" username for MYSQL.   Where can I find the source code for it?   Where are these sources kept?   Is it kept on the Turnkey box?   If not,   where can I find it?    I just want to view it,  ao I can figure out whats going on.

According to the error code I'm getting,   it's in Python?   I sure would like to take a look at it.


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From what I understand it is basically an example App that includes authentication. Have a look in /var/www/project

And yes it's python - that's what Django is - a python webapp framework...

As I've mentioned to you via email, I'm pretty sure that if you rerun the regen-django-secrets script & restart Apache it will work again. Like this:

service apache2 restart

Once you've done that then I suggest (as Alon said) that you use that as a base to build a basic webapp to get the hang of it. I suggest that you carefully reread the post that Alon made on GitHub.

If you want more docs then I suggest the official Django docs. Obviously you can skip the steps that involve installation and initial config (because that's all been done for you by TKL). I think that judging by the troubles you've been having, reading about the models and database might be useful (although Alon explained it pretty well I thought).

I know that you are really keen to get going with Djanog, but sometimes you just need to slow down a little and read through everything, perhaps a couple of times...

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