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While I was working on the Ansible appliance, I came across an issue I couldn't figure out how to address.

The Problem: The appliance build process leverages the Python package manager, pip, to install the latest stable versiion of Ansible.  Ansible uses a rapid development/release cycle which means every time the build is run, the version of Ansible changes.  I have to remember to update the README.rst file every time the version changes.  I could not figure out a way to have the build process update the README.rst automatically.

That got me thinking that if there was a way to pass appliance version in a standard way, the README.rst could be updated by variable substitution.  Since app version informaton is not included in the turnkey-version string, a new command would be needed.

# turnkey-version
# turnkey-app-version


# turnkey-version
# turnkey-app-version

TKLdev could then return the information as a variable which could be used in the or README.rst.

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There are a few other integrations in which we pull from source code so this isn't unique to just Ansible. So maybe in the README.rst for the "developer" version we document how Ansible is installed so that users understand they are not getting a specific version but basically whatever happens to be the very latest version.

And then we only hardwire the version on the TurnKey website because it's the version of Ansible would presumably be frozen there. Since we don't release a new version of Ansible every day, it probably wouldn't make sense to automate this...

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