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I want to skip "partitioning" installation step. Let install format entire drive to ext4+swap, no LVM, just confirmation "Do you want to reformat /dev/sda?". In case of hard-fail pure ext4 is more repairable than LVM. AFAILK, TKLBAM works w/o LVM, so I still can use it. I played with di-live, trying to preseed answers, but no success. Can you point me in right direction?

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You can extract the filesystem from an ISO using the tklpatch-extract-iso command then dump it to wherever you like. I've used that trick to get TurnKey installed remotely when I didn't have physical access to a machine, only another Linux distributions...

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Hmm... I can't see how extracted ISO helps me.

I *need* installer - appliance will go to bare metal. It should format HDD, install GRUB etc.

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Just manually partition and format (I used fdisk from the TurnKey CD running live), then dumpped the ISO contents onto the new root partition. I then installed grub (from the live CD again) and reboot. Worked a treat. Sorry I don't recall exact details but it worked way easier than I expected it to...

Obviously it'd be much better if the ISO just worked how it was meant to, but this method worked ok as a next best thing...

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Jeremy, I sent email to Liraz, you was in CC. It describes the problem better. Perhaps you did not recevie it. Here it is. Please answer. "NO" is totally understandable.


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Subject: Customized TKLDev

Hi Liraz!

We use TKLDev for building appliance of our server. It is commercial product. We are interested in appliance setup with specific requirements:

- quiet setup - ideally ask only one question - "Do you want to reformat HDD?"

- hide TurnkeyLinux boot logo (reason is: not show potential hackers which OS we use, not important requirement)

We are thinking about commercial help from your side. Is it possible?


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Short answer: Theoretically it is possible. However currently we can't help you with your project sorry (way too much to do and way too little time in the day). I can't even give you any guidance as I don't recall enough about tweaking the installer.

Long answer via email.

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