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I installed debian and klpatch on it.

i want to remaster server with it`s packages and configs whitout any patch.

i received error with command: tklpatch-prepare-cdroot /

# preparing cdroot

Can't find a SQUASHFS superblock on /.cdroot/casper/10root.squashfs
Failed to read existing filesystem - will not overwrite - ABORTING!
To force Mksquashfs to write to this block device or file use -noappend



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Theoretically it should work with any OS ISO although I have only tested it on TurnKey ISOs. Also TKLPatch has not been used very much for some time (now that we have TKLDev). Perhaps using TKLDev may even be a better option for what you want to do? Or perhaps not...!?

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Can i remaster exiting turnkey linux with my packages and my changes to an ISO file by TKLDev?

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