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I'm using proxmox as a host for virtual appliances and curently openmediavault inside of a VM. What I am disappointed about is the performance of the speed between VMs when accessing the disk of the fileserver (about 2MB/s). When transfering files between other VMs I get about 15MB/s, which is quite OK for my purpose.

Nevertheless, I want to use the GUI of a fileserver, because it makes managing easier. But openmediavault, freenas and nas4free only support complete disks for use.

What I am searching for is a tool for doing everything based on directories / folders.

One main important thing: The original-disk is already filled, so it is not possible to format the disk.


Does anyone know about a solution for me?


kind regards,


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All TurnKey appliances are available as OVZ templates from within the PVE WebUI. I don't know whether you've played with OVZ containers much but IMO they are the go! Performance is superior and the relative resource usage is less (i.e. less virtualisation overhead).

The TurnKey Fileserver appliance by default uses directories (although could be configured to use disks if you wanted). I suggest you download and install it as a container and have a play...

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