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Has anyone every considered making a build for Riak CS or some similar storage platform that deploys in a multi-node cluster and expands easily for S3-like capabilities? I think such a system would be really useful for a number of people. 



- Drew

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And no doubt there would be plenty who could benefit from this. However TBH I doubt that anyone has started work on it and unfortunately I also doubt that if we add it to the mile long current todo list that it will ever see the light of day...

So if you'd like to scratch your own itch and share with others via TurnKey, then please consider learning about TKLDev and producing an appliance. I'm happy to help where I can if you have questions and we currently have a community member; Ken, who is learning TKLDev by building an appliance and may also be able to help answering questions and giving guidance!?

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