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Hi All,

I currently have several TKL LAMP instances deployed and I am working on setting up high availability for them. Currently, I use tklbam to back them up and if the primary fails I would need to restore the latest backup which will be several hours old at best and could take hours to restore. Is there some sort of a real-time replication tool built into tkl so that I can have two boxes with identical configuration or do I go the traditional route of setting up database replication, etc. 


Just looking for ideas to set this up easily and have an easy way to monitor things.


Thanks in advance.

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But it would be good if we could make it easier for folks such as yourself. So it's definitely something for us to keep in mind for the future...

Currently you will need to look at DB replication and other general HA mods/config etc. If you keep in mind that under the hood TKL (v13.0) is Debian (Wheezy aka 7) then there should be plenty of resources available.

Although FWIW TKL v14.0 (based on Debian Jessie) is getting closer so it might be worth keeping that in mind...

Also if you'd like to document what you end up doing it'd be super awesome if you wanted to share it with us! You could post it here, start a new thread or post direct to the docs (they're a wiki).

Good luck! :)

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