Wow, what a tremendous job. So much progress on 14. Working with core now. Congratulations - so do sincerely wish I could contribute to the work still ahead.

But I have this distracting question: I fell in love with Proxmox VE when it was introduced to me here. And have relied heavily on TKL templates - really anywhere I go where I have influence.

Proxmox 4.0 is in the works. As I'm sure you know, they're moving from tried and true OpenZV to LXC, which presumeably they feel has matured to the point they wanted to see. (and it looks like the core devs for OpenVZ have had their priorities reallocated - If I'm understanding the situation.

So, because of a project I've undertaken, I'm prompted to wonder what this will do to the relationship between TKL and Proxmox - one that's been very productive from my limited perspective.

The 4.0 beta still lists the TKL OpenVZ templates in the management interface, althouth OpenVZ is gone. I think I should take that as a sign this beta is coming very early in the 4.0 development cycle.

Very little detail is coming from Proxmox about 4.0. So my question, then, is this:

Is there anything certain that can be said of Turnkey Linux's appliances in regards to Proxmox 4.0 and LXC?

Wishing you all well -

Rik Goldman

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Beta1 announcement:!


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Hi Rik, great to hear from you mate. I hope all is well in your world.

Yes I was (sort of) aware of the current situation with Proxmox although I haven't done a lot about it... My understanding is that OpenVZ development has essentially stalled and the PVE devs want to move forward (i.e. Jessie based release with a newer kernel version) and that's not currently possible with OpenVZ. I recall reading (on their forums IIRC) that the PVE devs still have some reservations about the state of LXC for production hence why v4 isn't out already...

Currently TKL has an LXC (host) appliance which converts OpenVZ templates to LXC on the fly so providing LXC containers shouldn't be too much of an issue. The only problem at this stage is what get's pushed back on the "todo" list if we address this...

Out of interest it seems that you may be able to use the existing (OpenVZ) containers in v4.0? If using the GUI doesn't work perhaps try launching via the commandline.

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