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Just wanted to put out here, that I sampled Invoice Ninja. I liked it so much that I am building a TKL version of it for my self for personal use but will be sharing the build code so it TKL guys want to include it in the v14.1 release I'd be happy to be apart of it.

I should have an alpha in a few weeks. Check out my github repo and star it if your intrested. 

TKLDev build code 

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Great work; always happy to add a new appliance! :)

Thanks for creating this, Ken. Just starred your repo on github and will give it a shot this week.

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I sent a reply on the github repo. As I said there is there is enough want I'll move it to my list, but sadly my list is very long these days. My full time job is taking most of my time (12-15) hour days with no end in sight. However I am still working on things late at night an hour or so at a time. If you can drum up support here it will move up the list :-)



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