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I'm just moving a website from a small instacen to a medium instance as it's a large website (more than 10,000 visits per day) which has been suffering on a small instance.

I thought to try a medium instance as in theory I could simply boot this from a back-up, but this didn't work out and as I've upgraded the site to joomla 2.5 I thought to boot a Joomla 1.6 appliance onto a medium instance wityh over double the RAM.

To my surprise the medium instance doesn't have 3.75 gigs of memory but the same as the small instance, 1.7  If this is because each core has 1.7 that still makes 3.4, so this doesn't computer as 3.75 gigs.

So what am I getting for the extra outlay and will it help me with a site like this. 

One other question is how easy is it to move the elastic IP from the old instance to the new, is it as simple as disassociating from the old one then moving it over (would I lose it in the process).

Thanks in advance

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I assume that you were using a m1.small which has 1.7GB RAM and 1 ECU (EC2 Compute Unit).

I suspect that you were looking at a c1.medium. It has the 1.7 GB RAM but has 5 ECUs (so is good for high CPU usage. I suspect that you actually want the m1.medium which has the 3.75GB RAM but only 2 ECUs (so better for RAM intensive usage). If you are using the Hub; then the (newer) m3.medium may be a better option; it has similar specs but is a bit cheaper.

It should be as simple as removing the elastic IP from the current instance and attaching it to the new instance. You may need to do that within the AWS console though as I think you can only transfer an elastic IP within a specific availability zone (although I could be wrong on that).

I hope that helps...

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