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In TK14 pfpMyAdmin is replaced by Adminer version 3.3.3.

Why the choice for such an old version? That version was released on August 12, 2011.

Adminer version 4.2.0 was released february 7, 2015, over three years later.

On a sidenote: where can I find the committed source of Turnkey adminer? I searched all kind of Turnkey GitHub repositories but could not find it anywhere. Somehow I do not understand the make-process I think.

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We use the Debian package so that security updates can be handled automatically (if need be).

That explains both the old version and the lack of source code... FWIW we do tweak the Debian package code a little to remove some visual cruft (e.g. when used with MySQL) and implement a nicer theme.

WRT to the make process if you look at the relevant appliance Makefile you can see what bits it pulls in from common; except for Debian packages, they come from the plan (and will also include relevant common plans).

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