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Hello everyone , does someone help me this error ?
Error message : sh : 1: / usr / local / bin ffmpeg : Permission denied

Please help ?

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I have no idea what you are trying to do; or how you got to be in this situation. AFAIK no TurnKey products include ffmpeg OOTB so you'll need to provide a fair bit more info to get any help.
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I'm trying to run this plugin in WordPress Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator .

He asked to enter the path where the ffmpeg, and shows this error

printscreen -

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In your first post your error is /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg: Permission denied. But in your screenshot you are using /tmp/ffmpeg as the path (and getting the same error).

Do you have ffmpeg installed; and if so where is it?

Try these:

whereis ffmpeg
which ffmpeg
They shpould give you the correct path to ffmpeg (if it's installed). If neither of them return anything then you'll need to install ffmpeg first.
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I test in several directories, and even gave permission error.
I decided to delete the OS of the virtual machine and install again, also added other deb-multimedia links in the source list, just so it worked. Jessie just did not work out.

thank you

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libav is a fork of ffmpeg. It's close enough that it should work, although for some things that rely on a ffmpeg binary; I have successfully just used a symlink (/usr/bin/ffmpeg; which points to /usr/bin/libav).

For future reference: the more info you provide about your system, what you are trying to achieve, the explicit issue and/or error and what you have done/tried so far; the quicker and easier is to help you. Regardless, I'm glad you got it sorted. :)

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