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I am currently running owncloud V7 and looking at the screenshots on the ownCloud page it seems to be a newer version.

Want to be sure before I create a new instance and move things over (last upgrade was not a party).



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Because it's from the Debian repos though the file locations may be different. The v13. appliance was installed from upstream repos. I suggest that you start with a v14.0 VM and try restoring a TKLBAM backup.

It may take a bit of tweaking to get it all working 100% but it shouldn't take too much (hopefully).

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I am actually trying to get to OwnCloud V8 so it looks like I should start by setting up the Turnkey base platform (LAMP stack) and then installing Owncloud V8 on top.

Did that with my current appliance.



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Sounds like a plan.

FWIW doing a TKLBAM restore of your current appliance might be a good start. If you did manual install (i.e. didn't use the upstream repo) to LAMP then that should bring your existing ownCloud install and data. You can then upgrade ownCloud.

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