I have been reading the turnkey hub documentation  but I can't  get to the bottom of how the charges work. I have an existing Amazon S3  account  which I use to store my archives. I would rather not  create an additional account but cannot see how to link my existing S3 account  to the hub. Also not clear as to how the charges work for the hub only.

can someone please clarify

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You just need to create a new IAMS user role within your existing AWS account specially for the Hub.

When you are signed in you should be able to follow the help. Amazon have changed their website and the Hub help was out of sync and may not have made sense. But it has very recently been updated (today or perhaps yesterday) so it should now be in line with Amazon now. You should be able to follow it step by step...

Thanks for reply.

Cant seem to find any help on https://hub.turnkeylinux.org In AWS I can create a role for Identity and Access Management (IAMS) I guess the but dont see how to link to hub. I guessed that role should be of Role for Cross-Account Access type but then what.

Is there a simple step by step somewhere ?

Do I need hub account first ?

Also what are TKLBAM charges on top of normal S3 that I pay currently ?

Cheers Paul

For reference you have to create a turnkey hub account first and then the help is available to explain how to link to Amazon. A few screenshots on the main website would be useful to explain to would-be users how it works.


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As a Hub account is free and requires no obligation, I just assumed that you had signed up already. Maybe we need to mention somewhere in the FAQ that you can use an existing AWS account?

Where do you suggest we put the screenshots? And of what exactly?

Hate to say it but you need to improve the navigation on https://hub.turnkeylinux.org. All this scrolling.... not even a link to faq's or help that I can see if not logged in.

Add a menu that links to faq. On the plans/pricing page you have them into separate places !

Add Faq Getting Started

Step 1 Sign up for free or ($10 per month in my case)

Step 2 Open Amazon account if dont have one

Step 3 Screenshots as per the step by step when you set up ie the ones where you enter amazon stuff....

You also have similar navigation issues with your documentation eg.


It's a nightmare to read scrolling up and down. Why all on one page ?

Lastly Ive been trying to find the command to update old version (1.1) of tklbam on old LAMP but I can find anywhere so navigation and struture of site is clearly an issue (or I am a plonker).

Other than that its great.

Cheers Paul

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Thanks for taking the time to provide your feedback Paul.

FWIW there is a link to the FAQ on the main page (and AFAIK all pages when you're not logged in). But it's right down the bottom of the page and not very obvious. I have passed on your suggestion (to Alon - the Hub "Daddy") as I totally agree. FWIW here's the link: https://hub.turnkeylinux.org/faq/

The reason why there are separate FAQ on the pricing page, is that the top lot relate to the servers (right under the server pricing table) whereas the second lot relate to backups (right under the backup pricing table). Perhaps they would be better if they were actually on their own separate pages? Or perhaps on the same page but as separate tabs? I.e a tab for backups and a tab for servers.

I really like your idea of a simple "getting started" section. That could be really handy. Again I'll definitely pass that on.

WRT to the TKLBAM FAQ docs; each FAQ is actually a separate page but they are aggregated there so you don't have to click through to separate pages. You can still click the links and then use the browser back button if you'd rather go back and forth. IMO having everything on a single page is preferable to following links to separate pages back and forth. Personally I find it much easier to find stuff that I'm looking for when it's on a single page as then you can use the browser's search (usually Ctrl-f) to search the whole page. Otherwise you have to resort to Google (which is much slower IMO) or the sites search function (with is pretty average IMO).

WRT to updating tklbam it's:

apt-get update && apt-get install tklbam

However that won't get you the latest version. The latest version is only available in the latest version of TurnKey (i.e. v14.x ATM). That is somewhat by design as we do not have the resources to do the testing required to ensure that it works properly on all appliances in previous versions. The TKLBAM versions in v12.x & v13.x should still work ok. If you are on v11.x then that has not been supported for some time. We do have a hack that some have reported works but you'll need to contact me off list to get access to that (we're not releasing it publicly). You can get me on jeremy AT turnkeylinux.org

And to clarify I've actually passed on all your feedback (even the bits I didn't totally agree with! :)

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