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Due to i need specific version of turnkey linux lamp then i used version 12.1 lamp, vmdk version. Inside the appliance, it is using openvmtools version 8.4.2. I need to upgrade the tools to 9.4.6 (default openvmtools of jessie). Is it possible to upgrade the tools to 9.4.6? I have tried with my ways but so far not success..

Thanks alot

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But the pragmatics of what might be the best way and what issues you may encounter as a result may limit your realistic options...

Also I know that you said you needed a specific version of TurnKey but please be aware that v12.x is EOL and no longer gets security updates. The LTS repository is still avaialble but I don't know for how long. I would not recommend allowing it live online. If you need it online, can you share your reasons. Perhaps we may be able to workaround it and get you upgraded to a newer version?

You say you've tried many ways. What were they and what was the result? The first thing I'd try is just downloading the Jessie deb package (you may also want the DKMS package too) and try installing that. It may have dependency issues but you may be able to work around those. Another idea might be to download the Jessie source package or from the GitHub repo and try compiling it in your appliance.

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