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Is it just me or is getting a receipt / invoice out of amazon for the Turnkey billing difficult ?

Admittedly I signed up with turnkey years ago - so the plan is charged through amazon payments.  Is this still the case ?

Any suggestions appreciated - if I could get the billing to consolidate with other Amazon charges that'd be good.

I'm asking here with the expectation that it will be quicker than trying to get an answer out of Amazon :-)



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Unfortunately we can't provide you with any short cut to getting access to past payment information. My understanding is that the monthly emails that they send out (not the ones from TurnKey, but the ones from Amazon) are the only ones that are easily available. Otherwise you'll need to contact them to access to further info.

FWIW we are switching to a new payment provider which allows us to provide a better email recipt. Obviously though that will only be going forward once we have transitioned your account. You will be contacted directly sometime soon about that.

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thanks for th response.   Will be interesting to see what you got with in terms of a new payment provider.

If I get anything out of Amazon I'll post back here.

cheers, Scott

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And our new provider is Stripe. We are currently in the late stages of testing account migration (for existing customers such as yourself). I can't give you a timeframe because we need to complete our testing (and iron out any bugs), but I'm really hoping that it will be soon.

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