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I have a Domain Controller appliance running and there are a few directories that have been created by a Windows software install which begin with a dollar sign.  Ex:  /srv/data/$DIR1, /srv/data/$DIR2

When the backup runs it occasionally gives an error saying that the files underneath that directory are not found.  Aside from omitting these directories from the backup (possibly -/srv/data/*$* ??), is there something else that can be done to avoid the errors from halting a backup?  Is there a --skip-files-not-found option or something to tell it to ignore certain errors?



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But I probably should start with the short answer to your question: No there is not a --skip-files-not found sort of switch.

TBH I'm not sure if it's the issue, but I imagine that issues with directory/filenames with this sort of naming is probably expected.

In a Linux shell a dollar sign generally denotes a variable. So I'm guessing that whenever TKLBAM sees those directories it's seeing them as variables and trying to expand them to their value (which is probably nothing as they probably aren't set).

How you would workaround that though I'm not completely sure. As a general rule you can escape special characters using back slash (i.e. '\'). Assuming that TKLBAM uses glob matching (see wikipedia) it'd probably be something like:

Although perhaps TKLBAM uses regex, in which case it might be something like:
Sorry that I can't give you a clearer answer, you'll need to have a play and see what works. Please post back and let us know how it goes...

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