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First my thanks for this amazing project called TURNKEY. Simple, concise and focused.


Well, let my difficulty.

Develop a project in Joomla. I would like to use a VM TURNKEY with FILESERVER and JOOMLA installed.

What is the best procedure, install the TURNKEY FILESERVER and then install the LAMP or would you rather the reverse, install LAMP and then the FILESERVER

How do I proceed to install LAMP + FILESERVER to access through the joomla directories through the fileserver.

Can I direct the FILESERVER releases for Joomla directory? Or am I dreaming too high?


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Primeiramente meus agradecimentos por este projeto sensacional chamado TURNKEY. Simples, sucinto e direcionado.


Bom, vamos a minha dificuldade.

Desenvolvo um projeto em Joomla.  Eu gostaria de usar uma VM de TURNKEY com FILESERVER e JOOMLA instalados.

Qual o melhor procedimento, instalar o TURNKEY do FILESERVER e depois instalar o LAMP, ou seria melhor o inverso, instalar o LAMP e depois o FILESERVER

Como posso proceder para instalar LAMP+FILESERVER para acessar através os diretórios do joomla através do fileserver.

Posso direcionar as liberações do FILESERVER para os Diretórios do Joomla? Ou estou sonhando muito alto?

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Firstly thanks for the warm feedback! :)

Depending on what your use case there are many options. If you need a WebUI for the fileserver component then starting with the fileserver app might be easiest? OTOH if you just want to have access via Windows shares, then installing Samba might be all you want need?

Actually; if all you want is easy access via Windows Explorer, then I wouldn't bother touching the appliances at all, and would instead recommend installing WinSSHFS on Windows and connect to your Joomla appliance with that. The most up to date fork appears to be here. All appliances already provide SSH/SFTP access (what WinSSHFS leverages). If you wish to use it with multiple users then you can create Linux users (in the appliance) to achieve that.

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