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Any plans to work on a OSTicket Turnkey Linux? Thanks


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We'd love to see OSTicket and tons of other cool looking open source software on TurnKey, but currently we have a fairly significant labour bottleneck. And whilst new appliances are awesome, the additional maintenance overhead means there's less other stuff that we can do. So currently we are focusing on ways to increase revenues so that we can do more. We are also focusing on improving TurnKey appliances in general.

However if you (or someone) wants to work on an OSTicket appliance (or any other appliance) we will certainly add it to the library and commit to maintaining it. If you would like to look into that further I'm more than happy to do what I can to help out.

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I wish I could clone my self! As J has said, so many awesome apps out there, just not enough man power to create them all. I'll file this one on my list to take a good look at




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