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I'm looking at the Turnkey Fileserver (downloaded and installed the iso super quick!) and I like it.

I also want to install and run isc-dhcp-server (so I've used apt-get to install that) but Webmin didn't have the dhcp server module.  I went to the webmin site and downloaded dhcpd.wbm.gz but as I try to install it I'm informed that it requires Webmin 1.8 - Turnkey Fileserver is using Webmin 1.78.  apt-get upgrade webmin on the server tells me that I already have the latest version of Webmin.

Anybody got a workaround for this - I'm new to this!


Thank you

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apt-get install webmin-dhcpd

I now have the Webmin module :-)

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As you discovered, we package Webmin for TurnKey ourselves!

All the "standard" Webmin modules are packaged as "webmin-<module-name>". :)

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Thanks Jeremy.  I'm liking this Turnkey solution. It took me less than 30 minutes to set up a fileserver (with dhcp server) starting with a completely bare machine.  :-D

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