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I've had an issue with my site www-explainervideocost-com it was working fine when it was running on WordPress 4.5.2, After upgrading to WordPress 4.5.3 my site is not functioning how it should on the front-end.

I urgently need a fix, so if you have any ideas of how I can fix this, that'd be much appreciated.


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If you have a recent TKLBAM backup (or some other backup) that won't remove too much content then a restore would probably be ypur best starting point. That will at least get your site functioning again.

Then you'll need to work out why your site is broken post-update. My guess is a plugin or theme that doesn't conform to the requirements of the latest version. I'm guessing that you've already checked to make sure that you have all the latest versions.

The easiest way to troubleshoot a broken theme or plugin IMO would be to restore your site to a local VM and do the update again. This should give you a broken copy of your website to play with. I suggest enabling one of the provided themes to see if that is the issue. Otherwise go through your plugins one by one, disabling them and re-enabling them until you (hopefully) work out what the problematic component is.

Assuming it is the theme or one of the plugins, then you can lodge a bug with the developer and hopefully they will fix it for you ASAP. If it's open source then you could even consider hiring a freelancer to do it for you. If it's not open source that might still be an option but to avoid getting yourself into trouble please double check the license agreement...

Please post back if you discover anything that might be of interest to other TurnKey users.

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