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Hi everyone,

I am new to the Turnkey system and I am interested in getting more details on how to upgrade the MediaWiki appliance from 13.1 to 14.1. I have a TKBLAM backup of course.

Does anyone have more detailed steps than the release notes which basically say to start an instance with the new version and restore from backup.

What about my config files. Which elements do I restore (database, filesystem, modules)?



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Apologies on the slow response... If you use TKLBAM to restore your backup to a new v14.1 instance, it should (at least in theory) "just work".

You could try it on a test instance first to see how it goes. If you have issues, please post back as much info as you can (especially verbatim error messages) and we'll try to help.

Also please feel free to bump your thread if you don't get any response within a few days. It's often considered rude to do that on forums, but we make an exception to that rule here! :)

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1) Installed new 14.1 image on t1.micro instance (one-click, using my keypair, hourly)
2) ssh direct admin@<IP address of the new instance>
3) Set passwords in the first boot configuration wizard (different than my 13.1 instance)
4) Enter API key from hub profile
5) Skip TKBlam and hostname
6) add my email for security alerts
7) Install security updates
8) let the wizard reboot the OS
9) reboot the amazon instance
10) To to <IP>, empty media wiki seems to work
10) Go to <IP>:12321
11) "The Connection was reset." in chrome or Firefox







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bump as Jeremy Davis suggested



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It's not clear to me whether you have restored your data yet or not?

If you have, then that's somewhat expected. Sometime since your OP I have put up a doc page with a suggested workflow for migration and some specific issues you may need to resolve. Webmin is one of them! :)

Hopefully that gets you going in the right direction. Please post back with any further questions, feedback or advice for others.

As an aside, we'll need to update the version of Mediawiki included in the Mediawiki appliance. Please see this issue. If you don't already have a GitHub account, I suggest that you sign up for one and "subscribe" (I think that GitHub call it "watch"?) to that issue and/or sign up to our "Security and News" newsletter so you know when we have instructions for the update. Once we have an answer, I'll write a blog post and and send it out via our newsletter.

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