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I have a Canvas Turnkey Appliance, which has a static IP configured. When I try to ping the server there is no response from the server side. There is no reply for the PING. I am not able to ping to the Google server as well. Any idea what is going here?


When I do a PING from a computer within the network, there is no response. 



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It sounds like a networking issue to me. Please explain a bit more about where this is running, how you installed and configured it and any other details that may be unique to your scenario and I will give you some suggestions on what the issue might be and hopefully a suggestion on how to fix it.
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This is running on VMWare infrastructure (VCENTER). I used the Turnkey Linux Configuration Console to configure the the IP address. 

In the /etc/networking/interfaces


The configuration

auto eth0
iface eth0 inet static












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Assuming that is a legitimate IP address within your subnet then it should be fine.

So my next thought would be to use confconsole to revert to a DHCP IP address and see what it gets (if it can get anything).

If your networking is configured properly then it should automatically get a relatively similar IP address and everything should "just work". If that's the case then perhaps some other host is using that same IP address (10.10.130.`83) and is configured not to respond to ping (as Windows is these days by default). Often clashing IPs can cause weird issues.

If it can't even get an IP via DHCP, then either there is an issue with your vCenter networking setup, or the virtualised hardware your server is being given isn't supported.

Unfortunately I have almost no experience working with 10.x.x.x subnets so I'm not going to be a whole lot of help to you in that regard. I also haven't used VMware products much (other than use of VMware Player for basic TurnKey testing).

So if your appliance can't get an IP via DHCP, I'd probably try stopping it, then changing the virtual NIC and restart the server (either it will work or it won't). FWIW I have a TurnKey server currently running in VirtualBox using a (virtualised) "Interl PRO/100 MT Desktop (8254OEM)" and it works flawlessly (hopefully vCenter has something similar that is known to work).

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