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Sorry if this is a newbie question, but I have used Turnkey Linux products for years now...generally you get the iso image, install on the server, and away you go using the products.

Not for me with Zurmo.

I did the install to the hard disk, completed the password setups, etc.

I can browse to the web shell, the webadmin, phpmyadmin, etc.  no problems.

When I do what I would login to the Zurmo interface...I get nowhere.

I type in the DNS name (modifed my host file), or even just using the IP address alone...and I get nothing....browser can't find the site basically.

Is there a setup or install command?  something like  I did find something close to this in the install manual, but it said missing file.  Which either means the turnkey install is really missing a file, or I am using the wrong setup.

Just typing in does nothing for me in the browser.....

help...I think this CRM solution will work for me...but I can't even get started....  


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I just fired up a (v14.2) Zurmo instance, set a domain ( and added it to my hosts file and it "just works".

When I browse to I get redirected to and can log straight in (using username "admin" and password set at firstboot)?! So unfortunately, I'm not really sure what you can try next?!

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