Hi Turnkey community.


I've been using Turnkey apps for about a month or so (VMs in a Proxmox installation) and it has been a whole new level of ease of deployment for me so far.

I used to configure all these things all by myself for years, so ~2-3 days of work (sometimes even a week) to install, bughunt, configure and tweak a service such as trac or OTRS and similar.

Because I've been used to that hardcore mode of operation, any glitches encountered in Turnkey apps are really just minor nuisances, but in order to contribute my part, I'd like to point out some of them in the hope it will help to improve the apps further.

Is there a specific thread for each app? I thought so, but have been able to find only the General/Support sections in the forum. Ideally, one could see App-specific threads directly linked as comments on the app pages.


I tried roughly 10 apps or so from TKL (trac, redmine, otrs, observium, plone, ansible, nextcloud, jenkins, lxc, odoo, phpbb) and I like the streamlined workflow of the installation. "You know one, you know all" - which makes deployment even easier after you get some practice. I actually use the ISOs to install.

I think the SSL handling could use a little polishing. In many apps you write "SSL support out of the box.", and indeed there is both http and https URL entry points available, but in these days of SSL everywhere I would think that the http URL would redirect one directly to the https URL.

Moreover, I'd think letsencrypt/certbot being already installed so the user could set up a certificate that was actually trusted by the browser(s).

I'll write some app-specific observations in separate threads.



Keep the good job up!

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Hi there, I see that this post is blank. I'm guessing that you got hit by the spam filter perhaps?! I have tweaked your user account so from here on you will be able to skip most of the spam measures.

If you'd like to have another go at providing the feedback you had intended in this thread, please feel free to edit the original post or start a new thread. I might remove this thread at some point soon if it doesn't get edited to include any content (and I remember...! :)


It's a pitty that got lost - I believe it was the longest of my texts. ;-) So not sure I'll be able to recite/replicate it from the top of my head. When I remember, it will go here.

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No doubt it was the longest and probably contained the most value...! (Murphy's Law in action).

Oh well, at least now you will avoid the spam traps. If you do think of it (or something else you'd care to share) please post back.

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I am tyring to get Lets Encrypt to Odoo and bounced into this.

Seems the post posted now (a few years later) anyway.

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Hmm, yes you are right?!

I wonder why I couldn't see it before? That's very weird...!

Still I'm very glad that it is indeed there...

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