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As the title says, I'd strongly recommend you add re-captcha to this forum to stop all this spam. seems like a lot of manual work to clean up these unwanted posts by using something automated.

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It's probably worth a try and it may well assist. We certainly get hammered by spammers (you should see the volume that I see behind the scenes - but that's only "one click" to get rid of).

Although, FWIW we're fairly sure that most of the spam that makes it to being visible is being generated by humans. As hinted above, most of the automated spam is caught in our existing spam traps.

Most of the spam traffic (that makes it far enough for you to see) originates from Eastern Europe and Asia. A Ukrainian based dev who has worked with us, noted that he has a friend who works in "spam factory". Apparently it's been a big growth industry in parts of the world with relativity low wages.

Regardless, it's worth a try because whilst the cleanup doesn't take too long, it is a pain and I've certainly got better things to do (and it all adds up). Even if it reduces the spam traffic a little, it'd be a good thing!

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