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Xin chào!!!

Đầu tiên tôi xin cảm ơn về dự án tuyệt vời này có tên là TURNKEY. Đơn giản, súc tích và tập trung.

Xin chúc mừng!!!

Vâng, hãy để khó khăn của tôi.

Phát triển một dự án trong Joomla. Tôi muốn sử dụng VM TURNKEY với cài đặt FILESERVER và JOOMLA.

Quy trình tốt nhất là gì, cài đặt TACKKEY FILESERVER và sau đó cài đặt LAMP hoặc bạn muốn thay đổi ngược lại, cài đặt LAMP và sau đó là FILESERVER

Làm cách nào để tôi tiến hành cài đặt LAMP + FILESERVER để truy cập thông qua các thư mục j Joomla thông qua máy chủ tệp.

Tôi có thể chỉ đạo các bản phát hành FILESERVER cho thư mục Joomla không? Hay tôi đang mơ quá cao?

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Hi there. First up, please use English as that's the only language that we speak (well actually some of the team speak other languages, but none of us speak Vietnamese and English is the only language we all use).

I've used Google translate to translate your post into English:

Hello!!! First of all, I would like to thank you for this great project called TURNKEY. Simple, concise and focused. Congratulations!!! Yes, let my difficulties. Develop a project in Joomla. I want to use VM TURNKEY with installation of FILESERVER and JOOMLA. What is the best process, install TACKKEY FILESERVER and then install LAMP or you want to change it back, install LAMP and then FILESERVER How do I install LAMP + FILESERVER to access through j joomla folders through the file server. Can I direct the FILESERVER releases to the Joomla directory? Or am I dreaming too high?

Really it depends on what you are trying to achieve by having both Joomla and the fileserver functionality in a single server? The best path forward most likely depends on exactly what you are trying to achieve.

There are a few potential pathways. First is to start with one appliance and manually install the functionality of the other. That is probably the most work, and is not that easy unless you really know what you are doing. The other way to go would be to install them both as VMs (or containers - i.e. on a single host, either physical or virtual) and then link them in some way. The final path is to install one (as a VM or on bare metal) and then install the other within that (as a LXC or Docker container).

If you share your aims, then perhaps I can be a bit more explicit?!

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