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Can the php version be upgraded on the image? atleast to 7.2?

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Sorry for the slow response.

FWIW we're currently working on getting our (well overdue) next major release out the door. It's based on Debian Buster, so the LAMP appliance (and all LAMP based appliances) will ship with PHP 7.3 by default. Things are running way behind schedule and I still have a few more bugs to tidy up, but hopefully I'll start building stable ISOs REALLY soon (fingers crossed; next week?!).

If you can't wait and need a LAMP server with a newer PHP version before then, please see Jose's tutorial. It's for installing 7.2, but if you want 7.3, just swap every mention of '7.2' for '7.3' and it should "just work".

I hope that helps...

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