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Would it be possible to install a TurnkeyLinux server on a TvBox?

I'm installing Armbian, but I think it's too big, with its ubuntu interface.

I've already installed Apache, DbMaria, PhpMyAdmin, Webmin.

My question is still with the removal of the graphic part, to improve the space, since they are only 6Gb.

Has anyone tried this?

Or rather, is this possible?


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Currently TurnKey only supports x86_64 (aka amd64). And as you note that you are currently running Armbian, then it seems that your device uses ARM (or perhaps ARM64) architecture.

Having said that, looking at their website it seems that Armbian is Debain based and according to one of the slides on their slideshow (on their home page) you don't have to install a desktop. So it seems that you could use it as a base for a "TurnKey like" server?!

The first parts that won't be quite as easy is our custom components, such as Confconsole and Inithooks. Generally inithooks is only used at firstboot, so not having that won't be a huge issue. Concfconsole might be nice and as it's written in Python, it should be possible to run it if you want (will require a bit of hacking).

The other software that you might want to install on top, will need to be manually installed by you. Most software that isn't installed from Debian repos, should have instructions on how to be manually installed. Most software written in common languages (e.g. PHP, Perl, Python, etc) should work fine on your hardware.

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Thanks for answering, Jeremy!
You're right, it's an ARM really. This model I'm using with the RK3228 is not 64 bits.

I'm using Armbian, but I feel it doesn't have the same quality as Turnkeylinux.

I always imagined a project like this, for students, professionals or small businesses. A server like Turnkeylinux in a small, low-cost box like a TVBox.
Many companies do not have this need for a physical space Greater than 10Gb and a TVBox would be enough to run your application.

I see friends who have some spreadsheets and text files on their computers. I thought about building a FileServer for them to test and give their opinion.

Notice how economical it could be for a student.
Visiting a friend from college, at his place of study, he put an Intel Pentium C2D, with 500W power supply to run a WEB server. Paid $120. And will pay much more for Electric Power.

If it were a TVBox, it would do the same service and would not spend 10% of Electric Energy that an old desktop computer uses.

It would be an interesting project even to have a TurnkeyCore inside, with the possibility to choose what you want to install. It would be low cost to sell.

I apologize for my "Google Translator" English... :)

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