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it took me a while to realise what had happened - a warning during the setup process at least that vars file needed editing could have save me a lot of time - not to mention failed access with certs for in california -


Mind you i didn't have such issues with the iso vbox install -then setup process and access worked only the VMDK - i had to since host's DVD bailed on me


i recreated the certs easyrsa init-pki etc but i'm somewhat stuck on crl and ccd's jail, specifically chroot


missing both directories

server.ccd* > /etc/openvpn/easy-rsa/keys/crl.jail*/etc/..

server won't start even when commenting out the options in server.conf

I have adjusted the paths of new certs in server.conf too

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Are you using our v16.0 appliance? I'm not clear what you mean? Could you please elaborate?

I'm particularly unclear on what you mean by "failed access with certs for in california"?!

FWIW there shouldn't be any need to manually edit anything or do any of the sort of stuff that you've noted. You should be able to just initialise the instance (filling in the blanks), then use our helper script to create the clients (either launched via the commandline or from our Confconsole tool), then download the relevant client config to your client and it should all "just work".

If that's not the case, then something is not as it should be and I'll have a closer look and address it...

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