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Hi everybody.

I'm testing a lot Turnkey containers in ProxMox hosts, connected in cluster. Why LXC, not VMs? Because of ZFS file system of the hosts and features of that.

Now I've finished configuration:

Two hosts od proxmox 7.2 (or three if you want build HA cluster):

1. pve1, pve2

On pve1:

On pve2:

  • TDC2 - additional domain controller for


After testing (still I'm doing that) I have finished  full solution in newest Proxmox 7.2 for small and middle offices with AD and file server, with safety connection from outside the office by openVPN and with synchronisation  mechanism for backup files from computers and notebooks to the ZFS file system. (SyncThing).

Jeremy helped to fix problems with OpenVPN container and problem with /dev/net/tun on the host (on Proxmox 7.2) and problem with Domain Controller, and Joining between two TDC, so it's look well now.


My targed was create alternative solution for Synology or QNAP servers by bulding cluster like this.

If you have any questions please ask.



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Excellent news! Good work on this and your write up.

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