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It would be a great help for many users if there would be an edition of the Debian Turnkey with Softaculous already installed. 

I am sure it will help a lot, specially when testing to many scripts.


I hope this could be provided soon.


Thanks a lot for everyone working on this project.


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Unfortunately, Softaculous is not open source (see the licence here). I note that there is a "free" version, but that's free as in beer, not free as in freedom. Beyond the fact that we don't generally include proprietary software in our appliances, Softaculous has an explicit "no redistribution" clause in it's proprietary licence. So even if we wanted to include it we couldn't...

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I know that there is a limited free edition, but if there is an issue with the distribution, then I believe it will not work out, I do understand.


Thanks Jeremy, you are wonderful. 

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