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PHP 7 versions are out of support. When is Turnkey Linux going to incorporate PHP 8 in the apps?

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Hi Paul, apologies on stupidly slow response. FWIW, I've had my head down deep in dev mode.

Or next major release will be ready ASAP (that's what I've been working on) and will include PHP 8.2. I can't give you a firm timeframe, but it will be ASAP! (I keep saying next week and then I discover new things that need a tweak).

In the meantime, it's perhaps worth noting that v17.x is based on Debian 11/Bullseye. Whilst PHP7.4 is EOL upstream, it is supported on Debian at least until mid 2026. SO if your app will run ok on PHP7.4, then it will get PHP security updates at least until then.

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